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Provide funding up to $10,000 for the next big idea


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Our Story

Techcellerator is a social media platform created with one goal in mind: Assist startups and small businesses expand their professional networks and create new partnerships. We connect business professionals with entrepreneurs and community members to help build bridges that provide solutions to today’s business problems. We are here for you so you can succeed! That is why we invite some of the most engaging speakers who are experts in their respective fields, so that you can grow with confidence. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey and we recognize that. But we want you to know, that when all else fails, we are here for you. We hold support groups so you can talk about the emotional burden that comes along and share your “peaks and valleys” with your peers.

Our goal is to connect professionals from different paths with technology in a fun and engaging way!

  • Connect entrepreneurs with each other
  • Help provide solutions to today’s business problems
  • Provide a support group
  • Educational opportunities


We see the potential for young entrepreneurs to excel beyond their local communities and become the leaders of tomorrow. We strongly believe that bringing professionals together, will greatly improve urban life and will pave the way to a better tomorrow.


Techcellerator is a networking platform that assists professionals with the the creation of partnerships, acquisition of new clientele, and educational support for business owners and entrepreneurs. We aim to equip our clients with all the necessary tools to foster and facilitate interactions across various organizations and sectors by providing an all-inclusive online experience.

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